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The basic services or social capital of a country, or part of it, which make economic and social activities possible. In terms of public health, they are the formal and enduring structures that support public health, having both tangible and intangible aspects and existing inside and outside the government sector. They may be directly protective of health - as in public sanitation systems - or they may support other activities that protect and enhance health.
Health services include all services dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disease, or the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. They include personal and non-personal health services.
Health Expenditures Includes publicly funded health care by both publicly and privately owned providers. Public funds are state, regional and local Government bodies and social security schemes. Public capital formation on health includes publicly-financed investment in health facilities plus capital transfers to the private sector for hospital construction and equipment and subsidies from government to health care service providers. It includes funds for state employees.

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