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Education is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. Technically, it is the process by which the society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values.

In reality, education is the foundation of development. It takes care of developing individuals' capabilities, being the most important element in the development process.

Despite the short period since the start of the educational process, the State of Qatar has achieved tangible successes, particularly during the last decade, for example, the enactment of compulsory and free education law in 2001, the creation of the Supreme Council of Education in 2002.

The main sources of educational data and indicators are Supreme Council of Education, Qatar University and Qatar Foundation.

The annul statistics contains the number of students, teachers, schools, classes etc in the different governmental and private academic levels of education in addition to specialized schools, illiteracy eradication centers and evening schools. Higher education statistics includes number of students, graduates according to specialization as well as teaching staff according to qualifications and nationalities. 

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