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What is QALM?

QALM is a national project aiming at supporting the knowledge worker by a number of systems that support knowledge management, information sharing and understanding. QALM systems perform the following key functions:

Extract information from heterogeneous sources:
  • Oracle Databases, WANG, Informix, PDF files.
  • Metadata, classifications, dictionaries.
  • Employees' input and experience.
Combine and transform:
  • Document management.
  • Publication collection.
  • Data entry of missing national data.
  • Structuring and linking
  • Visualization.
  • Thresholds.
  • Email, PDF, Excel.
  • Web.
  • Reporting systems.
  • Data warehouse.
What are the key benefits of QALM?
  • Provide a bilingual, integrated national data and information repository for supporting the knowledge community to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 objectives.
  • Provide an agile national data and information architecture in compliance with national and international information and technology standards and regulations.
  • Support policy monitoring and performance evaluation and satisfy the strategic information requirements of the key stakeholders.
  • Provide a secured, role-based access to various types of information (information objects).
  • Support knowledge workers by enriching the scattered structured and non-structured information obtained from various sources, providers and media with  a knowledge context.
  • Provide user preferencing features.
  • Provide administrative and collaborative features for managing information objects lifecycles.
How does QALM support the knowledge worker?

QALM supports the knowledge worker by providing "mission-critical" information for decision-making and improving productivity through:

    • Structuring and linking bilingual information
    • Accurate search
    • Consistent management of information
    • Shortened “time-to-information”
What types of information is available via QALM?
  • Data, Indicators, Classifications, Publications.
  • Estimated mid year population 1984 - 2009.
  • Vital (births, deaths, mirages and divorces).
  • Census 1986, 1997 and 2004.
  • Labour Force 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • Economic (Foreign trade, GDP, CPI).
How do stakeholders perceive QALM?
  • QALM is a national project belonging to all stakeholders rather than one or two organizations.
  • QALM is an ambitious project that requires a strong sense of commitment, as well as political will of all concerned organizations and capacity to deliver quality results.
  • April 2010, it only the beginning for QALM, as it is an extensive project encompassing data gathering over the long-term.
  • QALM strives to fulfill the main pillars of QNV 2030 in terms of data needs for monitoring.
  • Data quality is one of the most important aspects, to which all participants are especially dedicated.

* Source: Findings of “End User Test”, April 2009

Where can I learn how to use QALM statistics tree ?

Have a look at the QALM Statistics Tree online tutorial here 

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