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    Source: Qatar Statistics Authority     
Metadata to Document Methodology - Economic Statistics Department and National Accounts, MDPS
Metadata of Air emissions, MDPS
Metadata of Air Quality, MDPS
Metadata of Aquatic Resources, MDPS
Metadata of Climate, MDPS
Metadata of Environment, MDPS
Metadata of Waste, MDPS
Metadata of Water, MDPS
Metadata of Producer Price Index( PPI), QSA
Metadata of Foreign Trade, QSA
Metadata of Household Expenditure and Income Survey, QSA
Census questionnaires for 2010, QSA
Definitions for Census 2010, QSA
Compilation of Consumer Price Index, QSA
Compilation of Gross Domestic Product, QSA
Metadata of Annual Abstract, QSA
Metadata of Bank and Insurance, QSA
Metadata of Births and Deaths, QSA
Metatdata of Building and Construction, QSA
Metadata of Business Service, QSA
Metadata of Employment, Wages and Working Hours, QSA
Metadata of Establishments Census, QSA
Metadata of Hotels and Restaurants, QSA
Metadata of Labor Force, QSA
Metadata of Marriages and Divorces, QSA
Metadata of Population and Housing Census, QSA
Metadata of Women and Men Statistical Profile, QSA
Metadata of Sustainable Development Indicators, QSA
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